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I'm a 21 year old student and avid reader. I've always loved books, when I was a kid it was Enid Blyton and then when I was older I started reading romance, specially historical romance, thanks to Johanna Lindsey and her novels that kept me awake all night. To this day historical romance is my favorite genre, but I adore Paranormal Romance too. I like contemporary romance too, I love well done graphic novels and I read Erotica on occasion. I'm rather critique with books, I believe we're in times of abundance, and that's a great thing, but it doesn't always mean we have a lot of quality. So I spend a lot of time trying to find that new special gem. I think I can always give a book a try but I can't always like it. I like to share what I have to say about books with others. I read in English and Spanish (which is my native language) and I love to find new books to add to my long list of reads.

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El libro de Jade - Lena Valenti Esta novela es un horror de los fucking horrores. La peor parte es que compré este libro. Perdida de tiempo y dinero. Me gustaría tener una charla con la autora y explicarle que el abuso no es sexy. Eso y la trama no es entretenida, me forcé a terminar este libro con la esperanza de que en algún momento fuese a mejorar pero eso nunca pasó. No recomendado.
The Admiral's Penniless Bride - Carla Kelly Only 3 stars because well, even if she's a widow and they're both older than usually hero and heroine are in books, they deserve romance and all that. And I just think there's not enough of that in this novel.
Perfect Timing - Catherine Anderson These books were not usually so christian, damn. I can stand you trowing me the paranormal and time travel stuff out of nowhere but I get indigestion with so much God, miracles and church. ugh
Inferno - Sherrilyn Kenyon OMG Noooooo! That ending argggh. I can't, come on! That hell of a cliff hanger and a whole year of waiting? Damn it...
The Ugly Duckling Debutante - Rachel Van Dyken Sometimes I can't force myself to finish a bad book...
A Bride for His Convenience - Edith Layton Couldn't even force myself to finish it.
Against the Fire - Kat Martin Stoped reading when she suddenly became a secret Disco star! woohoo... no.

Willow Springs (Destiny, #5)

Willow Springs (Destiny, #5) - Toni Blake Pitiful.

That's what this book was. It had a good starting idea, the main characters when friends since they were kids, and Amy didn't love Logan since always, she develops feelings for him.

It was all pretty nice until they have sex, and then go on a sort of date, and Anna Romo, the lost sister, decides that, even when Logan says to her that he's there with Amy, she gets the idea that she can "change" his mind and kisses him, because "no men has told me ever no"...

Bitch. Since when you kiss a guy when he tells you he's on a date with another woman? And then when he's like "Stop" you still try to kiss him? Wow, Calm yourself and go searching for greener pastures.

And then Logan is not exactly decided, and it makes the whole thing "meh", I just lost interest.
The Rancher's Virgin Acquisition - Lynda Chance At some point I wonder why do I read these books. I guess I could say that I'm a romantic, and I like to read on occasion small little stories with happy ever afters. Sometimes you get what you want, and like the song, sometimes you just don't.

This was the case here.

Let me just start with the name "The Rancher's Virgin Acquisition". Two things should have ringed an alarm here: the virgin part, I don't know why it has to be mentioned in the title, it's a little weird. You never read something like "The Rancher's Promiscuous Acquisition", right? I don't know why they do this.
And secondly, the word "Acquisition". Yep, we're talking about a person, pretty obvious a girl is no ones acquisition. But I thought "nah, it must be representing a metaphor or something", but then you start reading the book and it all just makes sense.

Nothing really new here, Luke is an abusive prick who needs an ass kicking. All the time he's trying to force the heroine to do his will, and the heroine is just pitiful, you feel sorry for her and annoyed at some point.

Let me just quote, because I just wouldn't be able to make this up:

"He slowly released her hair, and moved his hands to grip
her forearms in a tight hold. His face was within inches of
hers and she was so close to him she could see his nostrils
"You better listen and you better listen good. This is my
ranch. When you're on my ranch, you do as I say. No
questions asked, no explanation given. I don't have to
explain shit to you, or anybody else, got that?" He spoke
viciously, and she felt tormented that he had this much
anger for her.
She nodded her head, ready to agree with whatever he
said to end this lesson in male dominance.
But he wasn't finished and continued berating her. "I'm not
just trying to be a mean son of a bitch, Emma. I don't have
to try. I am a mean son of a bitch. You need to get it through
that thick head of yours that this ranch is thousands and
thousands of acres of rough terrain. There's no law out here
except for me and my gun, and there's danger al around

Ok. Considering the fact that he clearly has issues, this is a terrible pairing because the only possibility anything could work with this guy is a woman that puts him in his place, constantly. And even then why would anyone want this guy as a protagonist of anything?

This was just awful, I don't know in what other way to say this, that so many other's have been saying for a long time: abusive men are not attractive.

Reason to Breathe (Breathing, #1)

Reason to Breathe (Breathing, #1) - Rebecca Donovan This was so bad, I can't even fully comprehend how can it have the rating it has. I'm stupefied.
This was like a bad fanfiction story, in fact I've read at least five different fanfiction that were so alike this story, that reading this was just painful. And very Twilight? I don't know if this was Twilight fanfiction before getting published, but it could be.

And this author needs to get a better editor, I don't know what I'm going to do if I read "I could care less" one more time. *groan*

The Darkest Surrender - Gena Showalter This was a bad one. I want to say that I gave it two stars because I skipped a lot of parts just to read how the overall story was developing for all the characters.

I'm so disappointed with this one. I don't know what's the obsession with harpies, like if they were the LOTU. I just don't find them all that interesting. If they are used to show strong female characters, we had that with Anya whom I really like, or even Scarlet (not a harpy). And even then, harpies are not just bad ass females they are just raised to be bad, and when the author tries to make them "bad" but "deep down" good, I just lose it because it makes no sense.

Harpies see having slaves ok, aparently? Am I the only one bothered by this? The story starts with Kaia wanting another harpie's consort and slave, which leads her into a lot of trouble. Trouble she causes, completely her fault, and I don't see thousands (hundreds maybe? I do not remember) of years later any change, like she didn't learn anything.

But it's not really a bad pairing, they both deserve each other. Strider is as narcissistic as Kaia "I'm so hot" "Look AT ME" "I'm awesome". And I expected so much more.

One of my biggest issue is the fact that this harpy had sex with Paris, and then when she goes for a second round Paris cannot deliver she has an encounter outside Paris's bedroom with Strider and she suddenly wants him... OK. First of all, how could someone who knows that Paris is cursed with the demon Promiscuity have sex with him? And she's not just a dazzled human, no, she's a really old, experienced harpy that also knows Paris is in love with a woman he can't have, that she's just sloppy second( ten, thousand...) because Paris doesn't give a fu*k about who he sleeps with. And, not only that, the worst is that Paris is Strider's friend. Akward much, I don't know what other's think but I wouldn't go after someone's friend after I had sex with them, that's a nice reminder to have forever...

So in general, just plain bad. I hope there's no future plans to pair all that family of harpies with the Lords.
The Darkest Lie - Gena Showalter YES!! Finally, what I was expecting! Five well deserved stars. And look at that, not from where I was expecting it. Nice. I think Showalter was inspired with this one and gave it a 110%, which makes me really happy.

I liked Gideon from the first time he was mentioned. I mean, his demon makes for hilarious situations, even when it is frustrating for him.

Holy mother of plot twists. Wow, I didn't see that one coming, and to be honest you don't get surprised much these days, we've seen it all and the mind kind of resolves these mysteries quite easily. But I'm happy I didn't, that I couldn't tell what was going on. That Gideon hadn't in fact forgotten her and their son, but that everything was a mind trick for Scarlet. And it was painful.

When you come across these strong characters that have been trough so much and don't whine, I don't know, it's brilliant and sad at the same time because -at least I'm like that- absorb their feelings while you read and you get frustrated with the unfairness of it all.

And Scarlet was marvelous. One of those strong female characters I love. I can understand her reluctance with Gideon, before and after knowing the truth. I, a reader, wasn't ready to forgive Gideon if he had in fact forgotten her. She's a very human character and Gideon, even thought he's not quite the primary character here, is a good companion. A well made couple, easy to accept.

The Darkest Passion - Gena Showalter I can't really give 4 stars to this one. It doesn't quite reach the 3.5 I sometimes use to reach the 4 stars... Which is sad, because overall it's not a bad book. It was ok, good. But I have several issues with it.

Have you ever read a story where the heroine is just "too" good? But yet something is not quite what it seems. This is my issue with Olivia. She's an (fallen)angel yes, yet I think the goodness is a bit exaggerated. I can't with her, her automatic fixation with Aeron. Can we really blame Legion so much for wanting Aeron the way she does, obsessed with him? Olivia worries me a bit more. She's an angel, maybe I shouldn't analyze her like if she were a woman but all I can see from her is AERON AERON and it's a bit tiring. The other heroines at least weren't worried only about the men. I don't know...

And about Legion, I understand the way everything happened for the story to develop the way it did, still I think the Legion in this book was different from the one presented previously. To make her an antagonist like that, it was painful. Olivia says she's as old as Aeron at one point, but I think it's obvious she's not like a normal person. She was all that time in hell until she found Aeron, so what can she know about anything besides the instincts she has? It's understandable that she wants Aeron since he's the one that cared for her and took her to his house with him, she didn't know kindness before that.
I don't exactly take her side, I see the things she did were wrong, but it was horrible to see things "ending" (in between quotation marks because she was brought back from hell, and with all that happened, maybe there's something more there, possibilities, who knows) that bad for her, even if she is a demon I don't think she's malicious. I hope there's hope for her... Get it? Hope for her? *laughs*

The couples keep repeating themselves, same issue I've been mentioning with the previous books. I was wishing for this book to be more special, to give me that spark but it didn't happen. And it disappointed me because this was one of the books I wanted to read the most in the saga. Another one is Paris's, but I think I better not be so hopeful about it.
The Darkest Whisper - Gena Showalter *sigh* I'm really liking these books, but something is holding me back from the big five stars (and this one is even more like 3.5). I do not know exactly what it is, but I think there's this sort of merging with the books, and it's hard to think about something that makes the book exceptional in its own way.

It's not a big issue, like I said, the books are really enjoyable (if they weren't I wouldn't be reading them as fast as I am). In this book we have a couple that in my opinion isn't as relevant as others, I was expecting to read about Aeron now... I like Sabin but I guess he's just not that high on my mental rank.
One thing I enjoyed was Doubt being very vocal, compared to the other demons for some reason. Sabin and Gwen make a cute couple, but you just know there's not that much intensity for the main couple when you enjoy more the tiny bits of other couple's lives shown, or even the hints of a couple excites you.

I'm a bit sad to see Misery and Disease aren't going to be an item, I think that was made quite clear. I still feel sad for both of them and at least it's sweet to see them taking comfort with each other. I also wish for their books to be made, fast.

I wanna mention something I've been enjoying all these past books, and it's Gideon's lies. I just can't help it, I see it's a bit of a dark humor since I'm sure it's not funny for him but it does make up for rather hilarious situations.
The Darkest Pleasure - Gena Showalter Oh this one is a complete spoiler, I cannot help myself:

So Danika is the all seeing eye.

There. I wasn't expecting that, it was a surprise, a welcomed one since it doesn't happen to me often. That and the whole Paris issue with Sienna. I don't know what's gonna happen there, but I see a lot of heartache ahead. At least for Paris, poor baby. I mean his daemon is one of the worst (maybe Disease is the worst one of them all...) but I really wish for a happy ending for him. For both of them, I mean at this point is obvious he's not going to be able to accept anyone else.

And the main couple, I don't like much that playing around with the "I want you but I must resist you", I know it's very common and necessary at some point, but then again it gets old fast when you abuse it. Still, it's a sweet very expected couple since the very first book, so is good to see Reyes happy, to get the girl and also to see Danika's family safe; which was an important issue not only for the women but also for Aeron whom I didn't wanna see suffering any more, with such burden.

Another happy cute thing is this thing between Disease and Misery, which sounds like the formula for the ultimate pain, I mean I wanna see how Gena Showalter works around that, if she decides to make them a couple.

The Darkest Kiss - Gena Showalter If anyone knows me a little bit, they'll know I don't read books, I inhale them. Not always, of course. It depends on the book. Or on the saga, in this case. If there's a big saga with a mayor theme but books that have a different couple each as the main protagonist, after reading the little intro and liking it, I'm in.

And this is simply what happened with this saga. I read the first book, The darkest night and it was OK, and good but nothing out of this world. Now this one had a big improvement. Maybe the writer was more into it(?) I cannot know, but we have a more profound description, a bigger panorama of what's going on with pretty much all the warriors. And that's amazing, I need to know more and have a good context to get into it. And it never fails when the author sort of starts another character's story in a previous book, it leaves you hanging there for more, wanting to know the character, already pining for them.

I was already interested in Lucien in the previous book and he didn't disappoint, neither did Anya. I liked their personalities and that rather unusual change of roles, of weak woman, strong male, I think we all are a bit bored of that... So mixing a bit of equality is always exiting.

I think the ending was too easy, perhaps, since Anya gave the key away, her got her memories back extremely fast and no one was hurt. Maybe it was just for these two and it won't be as easy for the others

In this book we get a glimpse of something that might be relevant in the future for one of the warriors, I can feel it, I don't know how it's gonna be played and I don't wanna be spoiled.