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I'm a 21 year old student and avid reader. I've always loved books, when I was a kid it was Enid Blyton and then when I was older I started reading romance, specially historical romance, thanks to Johanna Lindsey and her novels that kept me awake all night. To this day historical romance is my favorite genre, but I adore Paranormal Romance too. I like contemporary romance too, I love well done graphic novels and I read Erotica on occasion. I'm rather critique with books, I believe we're in times of abundance, and that's a great thing, but it doesn't always mean we have a lot of quality. So I spend a lot of time trying to find that new special gem. I think I can always give a book a try but I can't always like it. I like to share what I have to say about books with others. I read in English and Spanish (which is my native language) and I love to find new books to add to my long list of reads.

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Willow Springs (Destiny, #5)

Willow Springs (Destiny, #5) - Toni Blake Pitiful.

That's what this book was. It had a good starting idea, the main characters when friends since they were kids, and Amy didn't love Logan since always, she develops feelings for him.

It was all pretty nice until they have sex, and then go on a sort of date, and Anna Romo, the lost sister, decides that, even when Logan says to her that he's there with Amy, she gets the idea that she can "change" his mind and kisses him, because "no men has told me ever no"...

Bitch. Since when you kiss a guy when he tells you he's on a date with another woman? And then when he's like "Stop" you still try to kiss him? Wow, Calm yourself and go searching for greener pastures.

And then Logan is not exactly decided, and it makes the whole thing "meh", I just lost interest.