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I'm a 21 year old student and avid reader. I've always loved books, when I was a kid it was Enid Blyton and then when I was older I started reading romance, specially historical romance, thanks to Johanna Lindsey and her novels that kept me awake all night. To this day historical romance is my favorite genre, but I adore Paranormal Romance too. I like contemporary romance too, I love well done graphic novels and I read Erotica on occasion. I'm rather critique with books, I believe we're in times of abundance, and that's a great thing, but it doesn't always mean we have a lot of quality. So I spend a lot of time trying to find that new special gem. I think I can always give a book a try but I can't always like it. I like to share what I have to say about books with others. I read in English and Spanish (which is my native language) and I love to find new books to add to my long list of reads.

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The Darkest Whisper - Gena Showalter *sigh* I'm really liking these books, but something is holding me back from the big five stars (and this one is even more like 3.5). I do not know exactly what it is, but I think there's this sort of merging with the books, and it's hard to think about something that makes the book exceptional in its own way.

It's not a big issue, like I said, the books are really enjoyable (if they weren't I wouldn't be reading them as fast as I am). In this book we have a couple that in my opinion isn't as relevant as others, I was expecting to read about Aeron now... I like Sabin but I guess he's just not that high on my mental rank.
One thing I enjoyed was Doubt being very vocal, compared to the other demons for some reason. Sabin and Gwen make a cute couple, but you just know there's not that much intensity for the main couple when you enjoy more the tiny bits of other couple's lives shown, or even the hints of a couple excites you.

I'm a bit sad to see Misery and Disease aren't going to be an item, I think that was made quite clear. I still feel sad for both of them and at least it's sweet to see them taking comfort with each other. I also wish for their books to be made, fast.

I wanna mention something I've been enjoying all these past books, and it's Gideon's lies. I just can't help it, I see it's a bit of a dark humor since I'm sure it's not funny for him but it does make up for rather hilarious situations.