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I'm a 21 year old student and avid reader. I've always loved books, when I was a kid it was Enid Blyton and then when I was older I started reading romance, specially historical romance, thanks to Johanna Lindsey and her novels that kept me awake all night. To this day historical romance is my favorite genre, but I adore Paranormal Romance too. I like contemporary romance too, I love well done graphic novels and I read Erotica on occasion. I'm rather critique with books, I believe we're in times of abundance, and that's a great thing, but it doesn't always mean we have a lot of quality. So I spend a lot of time trying to find that new special gem. I think I can always give a book a try but I can't always like it. I like to share what I have to say about books with others. I read in English and Spanish (which is my native language) and I love to find new books to add to my long list of reads.

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Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins Four stars because even though this book is quite good(it's a very good sequel), it's not as good as the first one, sequels hardly ever are. There's also the issue with the love triangle thing, and the fact that I know Katniss and Gale are going to get into some sort or relationship without poor Peeta around, how convenient *heavy sarcasm intended*.

Yea, poor Peeta. Where the fuck is Peeta? Being tortured somewhere. I swear I will always remember Haymitch saying to Katniss that she's never going to be deserving of Peeta. And that is kind of the truth, because even though I do not hate Katniss, and I admire her, still Peeta is the most amazing character (to me) here, and he goes under too much pain for her, all he ever cares is her, so selfless. While reading the book I felt several times the need to read something, even a little something, from his POV. That would have been amazing.

So, I am a bit scared to read Mockingjay, for all of them, and especially for Peeta. I'm still hoping for a sort of happy ending for them, but I still don't know, Collins here seems to be a fan of gore, and I don't think she would be too scared to kill a principal character. We'll see what happens.